How to Perform a Lap Dance for Your Boyfriend or Husband

How to perform your boyfriend or husband ‘s lap dance. It is sexy , it’s fun , which is harmless, it is liberating and your partner will love it.


1 . Establish some basic rules.
At any time, in your entire performance touch you allow your partner . You can touch , licking , rubbing and caressing him all you want, but play it cool . A slow seduction is a sure recipe lap dancing success. The whole point is to drive a lap dance crazy people expect and desire.
You are in charge. Take your time , take control , and take pleasure in teasing him .
If he stretched out in your direction , or start grinding back and slapped his wrist and let him know that if he again , dance ends , no exceptions.

2.In order to perform and enjoy the lap dance , you have to feel comfortable with your body . You do not look sexy , if you do not feel sexy. Accept and enjoy , whatever your shape or size. Any woman can perform a great striptease or lap dance , whether they are shy or feel that their body is not ” perfect shape .” It is all about attitude . Not all the dancers circle with supermodel figure , they act just like they do . This is your time is tempting , nurture and release your sensual spirit . Drop your depression and throw caution to the wind . You are a sexy goddess.

3 . Selection of equipment that makes you feel hot and sexy , the rest will . There are a variety of options . From erotic dancing wear bra , panties, garter belt , stockings , chemises, robes , teddy bears , swimwear, club wear , fetish wear, oversized button shirt and so much more . The key is to create a collection layer easily be removed. Be bold , you make provocative , so a bit of meat is essential.
Start first choice of underwear because they will be the last to fall off. A sexy bra , thong , stockings ( stay -ups easier to use ) , maybe strap .
Underwear should develop your cheeks , and in your cheeks , your underwear back should reach too high. Try fully flat panties, thongs , G – strings and booty shorts, to see which works best for you . Panties leave your body on the line, you take them off may be too tight, should be avoided.
Thigh high stockings worn with or without garters sexy addition to almost all of the clothes. Try one pair, which is part of a larger , easier movement. If you intend to keep your stockings and garters of the time you dance , wear your underwear , so that they can be removed on the outside shoulder strap , without untie garters .
For the top , try a small hot pants, a sheer robe innocent , sexy high school teacher / student uniforms, a dominatrix , a desperate housewife , or something different, classic red or black evening dress with some of the following retro lingerie.
Avoid tight corsets or clothing , it is difficult to escape . Back or put a lot of time with zipper clothing of course difficult to remove.
Shoes , high heels and high heels , usually work best with any outfit . They will make your legs look soft, smooth, and longer . Even if they slightly uncomfortable, give them a try , because you will not wear them for long . If you can not walk in high heels, and wear something you’re comfortable with . If all else fails him in the shoe department , walking barefoot , try barefoot pillar .
Delete as you’re comfortable with . You can choose to completely nude , topless , sexy lingerie , lace dress, or remain fully clothed . However, your spouse must remain fully clothed .
If you choose shoes buckle, you will consider how to eliminate your clothes, do not take off your shoes . You can take a flexible dress clothes or flowing over your shoes , but first check . If all else fails him in the shoe department , barefoot striptease pillar ( in your tip toes ) is also very hot .
If you’re doing high heels , do not put them ( except removing stockings – or better yet , keep your stockings ) . Perhaps the high heels, stockings on once . Strapless shoes can be removed with or buckles more elegant than shoes .
If you choose to slip it over your head , you need to delete something , seductive slip it from the bottom of the sides , while standing tall , do not hunch over .
Shirt buttons can be a very sexy clothing items removed . Each side playing PEEK-A- Boo Boo . When you unlock the last button , turn posing an angle to expose you, the other one shoulder, then let that fall to the floor .
Tight trousers or jeans , which can be difficult to remove . Pencil skirts can be easily extracted and pushed to do so under the back or side bending forward to him, and then get out . Skirt can remove your shoes and stockings.
Practice ahead of time to eliminate your stockings. Additional balance ( teasing ) , your toes while you are in his leg or arm of his chair pushed each inventory decline – or slowly rolled up or folded down the length of your legs .
Do not forget to tease . For starters, each layer take your time . Your skirt or your underwear pulled down a few inches before removal. Tuck your pants , skirts or underwear on both sides , twelve projects thumb or slightly lower clothing and tease.
Put your bra straps off your shoulder , then turned and left loose . Classic striptease routines keep your breasts bra and turned to your people and your back and remove your bra on the floor or standing , before you go back to his descent to keep your bra band cited head on the floor. Retain heat by keeping your arms and hands, your breasts , then slowly turned around, sliding your hand on your breast , away from the sexy reveal .
When you are at the bottom , try to superimpose them over your shoes or bare feet standing on straight legs. To do this, bend from the waist , and guide them to close all the way on the floor, and then get out . If this is not easy , try to bend your knees or bottom while lying on your back . Do not squatting low …
Do not completely naked until the last – even so, tease him a rear view , until he could no longer take it .

4 . Select two or three sentimental songs that you both enjoy . Think smooth and attractive. Avoid high- pitched singing songs. 1960s pop singer and female singer is a good place if you want something romantic start. A sensual rhythm or tempo will guide you through your dance . It is best if you can relate to the music and feel comfortable moving to its beat. First, by setting aside two or three songs.
Song warm up. This is your time to post about the chair, lead your partner , posture, your lover interpretation of the rules , and began to slowly ease into your seductive performance .

5 . Do not feel pressured to start at the beginning of the song , take your time, start when you’re ready, your lover walk, touch him , drag your fingers through his hair and feel the beat .

Leaving aside 6.By Select two or three songs, you will not feel the pressure hasty, because this song is coming to an end . You are free to decide , short or long languishing sweet . You may find yourself deep passion throw it in the end , in order to consider at the end of the ten selected songs, and enjoy the fun.
If possible , all the songs to a CD or set it as your portable music player on a playlist. Do not stop to replace the CD.

7 . Beginner, you might want to start your time, work your way to become an attractive slot. Close your eyes and feel the music , into a trance and began to shake.
Try to stay out for about 30 minutes the day before familiar with your clothes , your body posture and movement . Dance on your feet on the floor. These may be you have never done before. Try to slide down the wall and then back up . Tip your toes to move around .
On the floor, try to open and close your legs , or leaning from side to your knees . Try different angles . Sitting on a chair . Caress your thighs , your neck , your stomach to your feet. Close your legs , break up with your hands in your lap , and then open them. Rediscover your body. Close your eyes, if you are shy .
If you feel uncomfortable ‘ dance ‘ like your performance , then slow aerobic sports . Stretching, bending and splitting . With your hands , stretching out on both sides , and stroke your fingertips with your arms outstretched . If you practiced martial arts , yoga or pilates , modify, create your own you are familiar with their sexy moves .
Think of your dance as tai chi sessions in the gym . Slow movements and a general sense of well-being .

8.Seduce your lover , passionate look. Your face will reflect those sexy thoughts , your ideas and strengthen the sexual tension of the air . Look at your body, touch it, enjoy it , and then look at the paintings in his eyes for you and your lover your body . At all times maintain eye contact . If you turn to your partner ‘s back , your shoulders one .

9.Add few accessories you dance , you like to play the project . You do so so happy for you .
Goggles will help keep your lover’s senses alert – eager to know what will happen next .
Handcuffs or a silky scarf can be used to keep your lover’s hand if he broke the rules without touching .
Use a soft feather brush for your body or your lover . Sitting in a chair while keeping your body upright and tall , slide your feet and legs apart, his brush slowly from your neck , your inner thighs .
If you are wearing a button up shirt , consider also wearing a tie. Ring in his neck , pulled him your face or cracking or his hands tied up , if he broke the rules without touching .
If you are kind of like a naughty girl , have your favorite toy in hand, your happiness and his torture.
Tease him with a shawl or a silky package , or use it to cover up if you feel more comfortable and less exposed .
Use your hair. In standing, kneeling or sitting, stretch your body while you pull your hair and let it fall again . Use it to brush up against him.
Use ice cubes from your cocktails. Place a cube in your mouth , and run it along your lover’s body or brush off your nipples to set them firmly .
Your lips , your eyes are powerful temptation accessories. Try classic pout or smile . Play facial expressions.
A little practice , hats, scarves , sugar cane or the rider’s crop can be used in the way sexual temptation .

10.Create perfect atmosphere . Dim light , air and light perfume some candles . Mixed candle light floor lamp or fairy lights . Candlelight , soft, warm glow , your body. Indirect lighting is flattering and more intimate . Avoid fluorescent or white LED lights.
Room comfort – feel too cold or too hot will distract you .
Close all possible interference – TV and mobile phones.

11.Clear space , where you can dance , so you do not hit anything.
Check your lover sitting on a chair that can accommodate both of you. Imagine yourself sitting in his position , then you’re in his lap .

12.Send him with a mysterious clue what a seductive little later in the evening a text message or e-mail. Invitation will set his mind to provoke and prolong the torture throughout the day . In addition, spring him as a surprise. Either way, you need to spend some time , the scene is set and calm your nerves, if this is your first time.

Style 13 ‘s music , and lead your lover chair. Let him sit with his legs off. Began teasing smile on your face staring at him straight in the eye . Walk around your lover , touch him, your fingers through his hair and feel the beat . Pillar look, posture, your lover interpretation of the rules , and began to slowly ease your seductive performance .

14.Alternate between looked at him, looked down at his body , touching yourself you move your hand , your body down or across . Run your fingers through your hair , your neck , your chest , and then lower your hips and your ass around . When you move your hands across your body imagine your hands are his hands. Enjoy your ( his ) hands touching your body. Keep your hands in contact with your body , let them take your side and back toward the nape of your neck . Look into his eyes, and try a slow and gentle head roll ( head falls forward and then roll up to ) , let your hair fall at the same time .

15.Then try several hip circle . Towards him , so your crotch is almost to his knees, then you’re going to kiss him like a long enough time, he can smell your perfume , and then pull away thin.

16.Stand few steps in front of your partner . Considered sexy and feel sexy . Start moving your hips in a circular motion soft music. Close your eyes for a few seconds , enjoy the moment . There is no one around, just you and your lover. Take your time , and then , slowly step on your partner , one foot in front of the cat walking style . When you are close enough , your lap dance to a new level.

17.Try grinding lap dance , swaying in between your partner’s legs , bumps and grind your body against his crotch . Turned to position themselves between the legs of your lover . Stoop sitting on his knees, his legs slowly grind the bottom ( gently ) .

18.Move walking , posture and began to remove a piece of clothing . Top first …… tempting gradual elimination of another project or two garments ( perhaps your skirt or shorts ) , and then moved back again to your partner . So close you can almost sit on your lover’s lap. Sensory thin breathing hot breath on your lover’s ear , let out a soft moan of pain . Gently nibble or brush on his neck , breathing your love , if you close them smell more and more.

19.Try several attractive floor action . Maintain eye contact and hold, caress themselves from different angles and perspectives. Into the crawl , and then he was again loaded another mill meetings.

20.Throughout lap dance and continue to caress yourself, do not stay too long and too close to your partner . Forward short moment . Remember, eye contact is extremely important. Let your eyes transmit all those sexy thoughts , do not forget to smile .

21.If you are feeling a little naughty and cruel, her back to him like you to take him all the passion you can muster , but to replace him leaned over to kiss his cheek and moved back graceful your clothes. Then move to another part of the house, or go for a walk . You may need to run …

22.Try several different outfits , programs and music , you will soon become the most sexy dance specialist. The possibilities are endless , the results are always great .


1 . You have to remove your clothes every day, so it is easy by simply changing you remove your clothes , how do you go nude or semi- nude striptease way to start practicing . Rest your hips , and with a hand unbutton your shirt . Remove unzip your jeans , and then parting them to reveal your underwear , and then push down slowly from side to side , and your hips swaying . Skirt – are not the same when they are in the floor, strengthening it. Pantyhose or stockings , scroll down to practice , one leg at a time until they roll around your feet , and then pop up. Remove your bra exercise , exercises over his head . Push your panties on the floor , out of them. You already know all the moves, you just need to spice them a little bit.
2.Whenever you put one hand on your hip , make sure your fingers up , and then closed, so wrists, hands and wrists together to form a “V” shape . This forces your shoulders back, lengthen your torso and create a beautiful hourglass effect .
3.As you move your hips side to side , put your arms in the air , crossing your wrist. This will push your chest , this is a great stretch.
Fourth, the use of your surroundings . Lean your back against the wall , roll, or into a squat, slide down again . Using an alternate chair. Backward leap, or delete your socks sitting sideways tip feet in the air, one at a time .
5.A hot rod will make you feel sexy. One hand on your hip and parade your body and walk with confidence .
6 you lean towards him , your arms across his chest and gently push your breasts together to create additional lysis. Your breasts will appear a little bit of pressure on your forearm rounder and richer .
7 , a successful lap dance is the key as you move and touch your body before , at close range , and individual temperature and tease your senses helpless victims .
8.Go bare as you’re comfortable , you do not need to take it all , let him go wild for you . It is better to remove the layers of self-confidence , and the rest left his imagination , rather than awkward and uncomfortable feeling.
Even let you dance barefoot , once you remove your shoes and try barefoot striptease pillar . Walk on your toes , to help you achieve the same physical effect, make your legs look longer and slimmer and more toned shoes . Your toes strength swagger your chest , arch your back and give you the added bonus of leg work , you go.
10.Practice wearing sexy underwear more often make you feel comfortable. Depending on your work clothes to wear sexy lingerie, or to the supermarket , then slowly remove the practice when you get home . It is a sexy , do it yourself, no one will know.

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